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Soft-Skills Assessment

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Soft-skills assessments are an important tool for HR consultants to improve an individual’s abilities to influence, resolve problems, and address conflict. Effective interpersonal skills create an environment that enriches the work-life experience and cultivates trust, accountability, and cultural engagement.

An essential characteristic of thriving organizations is the interpersonal and soft-skills embedded within its culture. Have you ever assessed and measured the effectiveness of employee interaction and its impact on performance?

For example, good communication is a soft-skills quality that relies on effective listening, and while hearing is a physical function, active listening is an intentional behavior that shows respect, reduces tension, bridges barriers, and leads to understanding.

With the diversity of perspectives and opinions, disagreements are inevitable, requiring the soft-skill of good faith interaction to reach for consensus on common ground or compromise. Everyone needs this skill to address misunderstandings and unproductive behavior that impacts performance or team relationships. The consequences of not confronting conflict goes beyond an organization’s performance and undermines the development of an embracing culture.

A community is not just defined by location or people, however, a social community within a workplace includes a blend of personalities and backgrounds that should be resolute in their commitment and support for each other to fulfill personal goals and achieve organizational objectives.

We must acknowledge that a work-life community has a tremendous influence on the performance culture of an organization that embraces new employees, models effective interactions, and sets expectations for collaboration.

Regardless of their job responsibilities, a focus on interpersonal skills prepares employees for advancement and personal development.

Have you considered providing a free soft-skills assessment to a prospective client that will evaluate the basic interpersonal skills within their culture?

Please request access to Visiam’s free assessments from our website, or contact us if you would like our input on how to maximize the value of a soft-skills assessment.

For more information, please click here or visit us on LinkedIn.
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