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Assessments, a Consultants Critical Path

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

An independent organizational assessment that summarizes the employee options of a company’s operational effectiveness will establish a consultant’s credibility, create conversational momentum, and is the critical path for a long-term engagement.

When asked by a prospective client what you offer as a consultant, it is common for professionals to present examples of their services, rather than first leading with the cornerstone of your services being the discovery of needs and opportunities.

Once leadership is confronted with an independent assessment that compares their organization to national norms, they are more committed to address underlying causes and consider solutions.

It has been our experience that large consulting firms view organizational assessments as their primary offering, while leaving the responsibility for implementing changes to leadership within the organization.

However, smaller and independent consulting companies typically roll-up their sleeves and engage in implementing solutions, but in many cases without first assessing needs and earning the right to become a long-term strategic partner.

Consultants need to deliver an assessment process that is packaged as a product and easy to implement. And, although it can be a revenue producing service, its primary value is when it is used in conjunction with your consulting services.

Here are the primary assessment outcomes that will drive your counsel:

  • Employee insights

  • Supervisor awareness

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Operational effectiveness

  • Leadership orientations

Business owners are focused on revenue, expenses, and daily operational routines, and are not always able to see their organization with fresh eyes. Nor can anyone close to them influence their mindset without a comparative perspective that provides enough evidence to challenge the status quo.

The tipping point for consultants is when organizational leadership acknowledges the need to improve performance, control, or work-life balance, creating a critical path toward initiatives or solutions that can deliver a significant ROI.

Visiam offers free organizational assessments to capture the insights of employees and supervisors as a fundamental resource to measure the employee experience and its impact on organizational performance.

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