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Good Counsel

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Regardless of how you perceive your leadership maturity, you are now in a position of responsibility where accountability, uncertainty, and risk-taking are embedded within your circumstances.

If you were able to honestly evaluate your tactical and emotional development, where do you find yourself feeling apprehensive, overwhelmed, or pessimistic? Have you lost your motivation or sense of purpose? Has the challenge of your job been overtaken by predictable routines? No matter where we are in our leadership journey, there is always a need for good counsel.

Do you think that asking for help is a sign of weakness? Do you require evidence of authority or status before you accept input from others? Or, do you automatically dismiss input that does not embrace your perspective, and assume they do not understand?

It is unfortunate how many leaders have never experienced the value of reaching out to mentors or confidants as a resource for insight and wisdom. Most of us need guidance to cultivate relationships of trust and transparency that requires a mutual commitment and a defined purpose.

Your pursuit for good counsel may include individuals from a variety of backgrounds, or someone that has acquired wisdom through years of experience. The setting for this type of counsel has no boundaries, however it requires a commitment of time and a license to connect at a moment’s notice. It is this sanctuary where there is no need to defend yourself, where you are affirmed and confident that the focus is for your long-term benefit. Within this safe environment there is freedom to challenge your mindset and expand your alternatives.

For a sanctuary of good counsel to evolve and mature it must be nurtured and protected.

Whether an individual is preparing for a leadership role, of has been in a position of leadership for a time, a leadership assessment is a powerful tool to determine their natural leadership orientation.
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