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Cultivate an Audience of Prospective Clients

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

In a previous blog, “The Importance of your Brand”, we discussed how to cultivate an audience of prospective clients and lead them to a tipping point where you have earned their trust and they are willing to engage in a candid discussion regarding their business. We also discussed how a free offering, such as an employee assessment, acts as a diagnostic tool that provides insight into organizational performance.

Once your prospective client is confronted with assessment results, they will be more open to discuss and expand upon their concerns, opinions, and expectations, enabling a transparent examination of solutions. As a business consultant that focuses on human factors and employee engagement, you must passionately believe that any business challenge that a client is facing gets down to people solutions.

The various contributors of employee engagement, listed below, can be measured by an assessment from the employee’s opinions and observations.

· Corporate Culture

· Internal Communication

· Training and development

· Defined roles and responsibilities

· Supervisory skills

· Confidence in leadership

What will differentiate you as a consultant is your ability to interpret these diagnostic results and focus the client conversation on specific organizational characteristics that require attention. As your prospective client acknowledges opportunities to improve performance, control, or work-life balance, it creates a natural transition to discuss your blueprint of initiatives or solutions.

Your business performance solutions must be tangible and measurable and include proof sources that validate a potential return on investment for your client.

Visiam is currently offering our cloud-based employee engagement assessment to consultants for free as a marketing tool. It is our hope that through this experience you will see other opportunities to deliver your service as a tangible product on the Visiam platform, enabling you to remain virtually integrated within your client’s operation.

Technology does more than streamline and automate processes to drive out costs. It presents your services as a tangible product that can be easily replicated and configured for new clients.

For more information, please visit us on LinkedIn.

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