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Visiam LLC

Organizational Assessments

for Human Resource Professionals


Visiam’s mission is to provide human resource professionals and consultants the tools to identify opportunities for cultural effectiveness.

Whether you are developing a management team or impacting the engagement of employees, our tools deliver actionable information about an organization’s culture, the engagement of their employees, and how leadership and supervisors perceive their work environment and responsibilities.

Visiam’s assessments capture and summarize employee perspectives, and become a credible resource that quantifies organizational needs, builds momentum for change, and opens the door for professional counsel.



Visiam’s assessments have a tremendous organizational value, and our automated process enables administrators to quickly implement and evaluate assessment results.

Review each assessment descriptions below, and click on the Employee, Supervisor, or Soft-Skills titles if you would like to experience one of these assessments.

Or, click on the Organizational, Leadership Orientation, or Leadership Development assessments to initiate your credentials and have access to all of Visiam's assessments as a Professional Services Provider. 

  • EMPLOYEE ASSESSMENTThe employee assessment summarizes the opinions and perspectives of your employee community.

  • SUPERVISOR ASSESSMENT - Developing supervisors by assessing their impact on corporate culture and performance is a fundamental organizational need.

  • SOFT-SKILLS ASSESSMENTA common characteristic of thriving organizations is the interpersonal skills embedded within their culture.


  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ASSESSMENTThe development of leadership requires a blend of experience, counsel, and an ability to adapt. Here we explore specific mindsets that impact a leader’s effectiveness.




The value of Visiam’s assessments is provided through our automated process, enabling HR professionals and leadership to quickly implement and react to assessment results.

These results consolidate employee perspectives and opinions which overcomes organizational filters and the natural resistance for change. 

This independent report is a proof source that establishes your credibility and authority to propose initiatives and solutions.


Beyond assessments and their results, Visiam provides our proprietary online content for the HR professional to drill deeper into the themes related to a particular assessment.

These resources are available to HR professionals and can also be provided to clients as needed.
For example, the resources related to the Soft Skills assessment will include subjects such as listening, communication, influence, and conflict resolution.  

Our professional journey involves a blend of giving and receiving of counsel. However, we must acknowledge the impact of natural human barriers that limit the reception of our counsel.

In many cases a consultant is competing against daily organizational norms, so proof sources and resources are critical to validate your insights and solutions to overcome a prospect’s resistance to change.


Visiam assessments provide HR professionals with a value proposition that can effectively earn the attention of organizational leadership. Assessment results will quickly focus conversations on relevant organizational issues and position you as a credibility resource to achieve improved performance outcomes.

When the employees of an organization take the assessment as a group, we capture perspectives and summarize the cultural engagement within an organization, and when those perspectives are compared to the results of the supervisor assessment or national averages, the deviations will focus conversations on the human dynamics of organizational performance.

Click here to establish your Visiam credentials, which will provide access to Visiam resources and enable you to deliver and experience the value of organizational assessments.

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