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There are many factors that impact organizational performance.  The Employee assessment consolidates employee perspectives on subjects such as internal communication, company culture, and their confidence in their contribution to the organization. When those responses are compared to national averages, they provide actionable information to influence your human resource strategy.


An organization’s performance is highly dependent on the skill, experience, and awareness of their supervisors and managers.  The Supervisor assessment will consolidate the natural instincts and perspectives of a management team. When those results are summarized by category and measured against national averages, they will provide insight for supervisory development.  In addition, when measured alongside the employee assessment, the supervisor assessment can reveal conflicting perspectives.


The interpersonal and soft-skills embedded within an organization’s culture has a direct impact on employee engagement, productivity, and retention. The Soft Skills assessment consolidates results into categories such as communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution. 


When results are compared to national averages, they will identify opportunities to improve employee interaction and ultimately performance.

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