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Organizational Assessment
When evaluating organizational performance, it is critical to overcome natural communication barriers caused by multiple layers of management.

The Organizational assessment overcomes the natural tendency within an organizational structure to filter or dismiss employee opinions by offering a report of the consolidated perspectives of an employee community. 

Organizational assessment results can become the motivating factor that drives the investigation into operational opportunities. 
Leadership Orientation Assessment

This assessment identifies a leader’s natural orientation that dominates their interaction within the organization. 


This assessment will challenge a leader with a perspective of their leadership mindset, and broaden their view of alternative, yet effective, leadership styles.  


The Leadership Orientation assessment offers HR professionals credibility to counsel, by comparing results to national averages along with access to Visiam’s resources.

Leadership Development Assessment

This assessment analyzes an array of leadership dynamics that includes setting personal boundaries and establishing organizational expectations, while maintaining their peripheral awareness.

The Leadership Development assessment forces a conversation on leadership attributes by delving into how past experiences, current challenges, and professional aspirations align.

Public Speaker
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